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Enabling Independent and Responsible Travel

Shots and Tales - Camera in hand

Travel Photography and Stories

In this online space, we share our two big passions; travel photography as well as storytelling.  Travel stories and photos help people who are travelling to a country, to prepare, and to get a feel of what they can expect.  But, even more importantly, they can provide a window on the world for people who for one reason or another, cannot or do not wish to visit the places that we did.

Shots and Tales - Backpacking in China

Independent Travel

With the internet which is evermore widely available, independent travel is becoming easier by the day.  Yet, many people still find it difficult on where to start from.  We have been there too, yet mastering the art of independent travel is not impossible, and we want to demonstrate how it can be done by everyone.

Shots and Tales - Itinerary Map

Travel Itinerary and Tips

Travel preparations take a lot of time and efforts.  We believe in sharing them with as many people as possible, so that they can be used and reused, saving travellers some precious time.  This website provides detailed day-to-day itineraries, travel tips from lessons learnt along the years and unbiased reviews of places visited first hand.  In this online space, we are starting small and we are not waiting to have a complete guide for all the places.  We will learn as we go along and slowly but surely we plan to add other places.

Shots and Tales - Maasai Boy Counting Numbers

Responsible Travel

This is a top priority of this website.  People who have been privileged enough to be able to travel far and wide, have the responsibility of doing some good whilst doing so. Respect for local customs as well as for the environment is key.  In line with our commitment towards responsible travel, this website also promotes local businesses as well as NGOs and Social Enterprises who are caring for communities, wildlife and the environment without putting profit as their first priority. is dedicated to travel photography, stories, itineraries and tips.  Promoting independent and responsible travel, authentic experiences and local businesses. 

Through this website, we want to share our adventures, but this in no way means that we want readers to have experiences exactly as ours. First and foremost, because it is not possible and secondly, because it is boring.  We want people to go out there and live their own adventures armed with enough information to get them truly excited about where their own path will lead.






Six Steps to a Well-Planned Trip

Planning expertly to give yourselves ample time to enjoy your adventures in full

Children at school in the province of Ha Giang in Vietnam

University of the


When travelling, we are students and teachers, with opportunities to learn and teach


Dealing With Post- Travel Depression

Sometimes fitting back in at home may be much harder than we anticipate.  We are not alone


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