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About Us

Meet the two islanders who can’t wait to leave The Rock, but always keep coming back

Let's tell you a bit about us, Noel and Corinne Fenech from the tiny Island of Malta (often referred to by locals as The Rock).   We are no super humans, we work hard and as typical islanders, we are attached to our families. So, though we love to travel, the strong family bond always keeps us coming back home.


Noel is passionate about travel photography, whilst Corinne loves writing and we both share a married life and a great passion for travelling.


Since we boarded on the first plane in 2004, our travels have taken us to unique places in Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  We also shared many adventures with our childhood friend Dorianne Mallia, whom you’ll recognise from the photos as the most charming one of the three!  Nepal, still tops the list of our favourite destinations.  No wonder we started first with a detailed look into our adventure in Nepal.

​Our philosophy is to travel responsibly, caring for people and the environment, steering clear of the beaten path, enjoying every second of it and going with the flow.  We believe that independent travel allows people to experience places through a different lens.  More raw experiences and indeed a few wrong turns here and there are enablers for learning, so we really encourage it.  Sometimes tough experiences do happen but trust us, they'll make great stories to tell later. Your outlook is what makes a difference.

Wishing you travels that leave you wiser and kinder, whilst leaving people whom you’ve met changed for the better, because you touched their lives.

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