Angkami Sherpa

Angkami (Kami) Sherpa is a truly athletic, life loving, friendly, fun to be with Trekking Guide.

We first met Kami around an evening bonfire, at the Hotel at the End of the Universe, in Nagarkot.  He immediately struck us as a super athletic and friendly guy.  Jokingly, we told him that he was not our type of guide because he would be running ahead of us at the speed of light, but he immediately reassured us that he takes care of everyone. Sadly, we were due to depart Nepal in a couple of days, because if we had more time we would definitely have asked him to guide us through a short trek in Solu Khumbu region!  We got to know Kami much better over the months following our trip to Nepal, and we think that he is so special that he deserves a place on our site so that the world can see who this person is.

Kami describes himself as a ‘simple man from Khijiphalante’.  He believes in working hard and his story demonstrates that.  At his age (not yet 30 when this article was written) he has come a long way, yet he stays humble.  His career in trekking started in 2007, and it is a typical path that many promising people in Nepal take.  His first job was as a porter.  After a few years of hard work, he got promoted to assistant guide, and eventually got his trekking guide licence in 2012. 


Many people acknowledge that guiding in the Himalayas is tough work, and Kami himself has lost family and friends to the mountains.  Yet he is very passionate and chooses to see the positive aspects in his career. He believes that his mission is to make people happy by sharing what he knows about the place, the culture and the food.  Meeting people from different countries and cultures is a big plus as he strongly believes that it is a learning opportunity for himself as well. Kami also explains that his job takes him to places in Nepal that are off the beaten path, where he too can learn about diverse Nepali traditions, and see how different ethnic groups live in remote areas.

When he is not working, even during the monsoon months of heavy rain, he is never far from his mountain bike or from the next marathon.  He also helps his family at The Valley Guesthouse which is situated in Boudhanath area in Kathmandu. 


Photography is another passion of his and in fact Kami also completed a photography course. He has a real eye for photos whilst living in one of the most photogenic countries in the world. Here are some of his pics!

Get to know more about Kami through his facebook page HOLA_Adventure or email him on

Get to know more about Kami through his facebook page HOLA_Adventure or email him on

The country that today is Nepal, started off from the Kathmandu Valley and a handful of surrounding city states. Eventually it expanded into tracts from neighbouring India.

Nepal’s founding father ‘Prithvi Narayan Shah’ described Nepal as ‘a yam between two boulders’ (namely India and China)

Nepal is the meeting point between the Mongoloid peoples of Asia and the Caucasoid people of the Indian plains. In the past Nepal was considered as a resting place for traders, travellers and pilgrims moving between the massive neighbouring countries

For such a small country, Nepal has a tremendous geographic diversity.  It rises from the tropical Southern Terai plain, situated at 70 meters above sea level to 8848 meters above sea level at the tip of Sagarmatha (Mount Everest).  In between the plains and the mountain region, Nepal has a hill region, which still reaches much higher than average mountains in the rest of the world

The Nepali Himalayan region boasts of 8 out of the highest 14 peaks in the world.

Did you know? Here’s what Kami shared about his home country

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