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    Our itinerary for 30 days in Nepal. Places and attractions visited as well as our rating of each attraction.  We also share lessons that we have learnt in hind sight and how we could have spent our time better.

    Here you will find a concise description of our Itinerary...but all the fun happens in our Shots and Tales section. You can access our stories by following the links. 

    ★ indicate our rating. We have reserved 5★ for the very best and our ratings reflect our own experience.


    Prices, unless otherwise specified are per person. 

    Our adventure in Nepal took place between 28th February and 30th March 2018.

    Before we left for Nepal we had a crazy tight schedule, but because of a cancelled flight on day 6, we had to improvise our next steps, so few mistakes were made. Just beneath the itinerary you will find our lessons learnt.

    Day 1  Kathmandu

    Day 2  Kathmandu

    Day 3  Kathmandu

    Day 4  Kathmandu

    • Flight to Phaplu cancelled after 8 hours waiting at airport ($164 - Refunded)

    • Taxi - Official Service - Airport to Hotel (NPR 750 per Car)

    • Changed plans to go to Sauraha on Day 6

    Day 5  Kathmandu

    • Rainbow Safari Tours Bus to Sauraha from Kanti Path at 0530h (NPR 650)

    • Met with Bijay Giri to discuss Chitwan Tours

    Day 6  Sauraha

    Day 7  Sauraha

    Day 8  Sauraha

    • Mountain Overland Bus from Chitwan to Pokhara

    Day 10  Pokhara

    Day 11  Pokhara

    Day 12  Pokhara

    Day 13  Community Trail

    Day 14  Community Trail

    Day 15  Community Trail

    Day 16  Community Trail

    Day 17  Community Trail

    Day 18  Community Trail

    Day 19  Community Trail

    Day 20  Community Trail

    Day 21  Community Trail

    Day 22  Community Trail

    Day 23  Community Trail

    • Taxi – Tatopani – Pokhara

    Day 24  Pokhara

    Day 25  Pokhara

    Day 26  Pokhara

    • Bus – Chitwan – Kathmandu

    • Taxi – Kathmandu – Nargarkot (NPR 3000 per Car)

    Day 27  Nagarkot

    Day 28  Nagarkot

    Day 29  Nagarkot

    • Taxi – Transfer Nagarkot to Kathmandu Airport (NPR 3000 per Car)

    • Flight Kathmandu to Malta

    Day 30  Malta

    Our Itinerary, could have been better. Here’s what we would have done differently:

    1. Cut the trek a day short and walk from Swanta to Tatopani (gaining 1 day)

    2. Skipped Pokhara after the trek (gaining 2 days)

    3. Kept Nagarkot to 2 nights instead of 3 (gaining 1 day)

    4. With the extra 4 days, we could have gone from Tatopani to Muktinath, then fly Jomsom - Pokhara - Kathmandu

    We    and      at some great places. Though we are not affiliated in any way, here's a list of our favourite ones and reasons why.


    Truly Asia Beautique Hotel - Comfortable Hotel @ good price

    Nepal Connection - backs a social cause

     Frens Kitchen - great food and atmosphere

    OR2K - excellent middle-eastern food


    Nepali Open Kitchen - Yummy breakfast and Nepali Tea

    Friends Cafe - Chilled atmosphere and great fresh mint lemonade


    Big Pillow Inn - Beautiful and Comfortable Rooms

    MO2'S Delights - Momos to die for


    Hotel at the End of the Universe - Lovely atmosphere and great staff