The Ultimate 15 Days in Tanzania and Zanzibar Guide

Tanzania is surely a country on the bucket list of many people, most likely because of idyllic Zanzibar beaches, the charm of Serengeti and the challenge of Kilimanjaro.

We, three of us (Noel, Corinne and Dorianne), headed off to Tanzania during August 2019 for a few days in Zanzibar, followed by a couple of days in Ngurdoto village and a seven day safari the national parks of Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and of course the Serengeti in Tanzania.

Read all about our itinerary and budgets, top tips as well as the challenges we encountered when it came to money matters.   Let us tell you all about the time when we enjoyed the beaches, cycled to the Red Earth Village,  smelled, tasted and touched spices on our spice farm tour and drifted into the alleys of Stone Town, in Zanzibar.  In Tanzania we watched the beauty of wildlife during our seven day safari, spent a great time at Kiboko Lodge, the lodge built for a noble cause, and were totally taken by surprise during a Maasai Village Tour.

We would love it if you find all our shots and tales interesting, but if you have time to read just one article, we invite you to read about the people who are making Tanzania better, one child at a time at the Watoto Foundation.



Tips, Shots, and Tales from

Tanzania and Zanzibar

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Zanzibar - Beaches
Traditional Boats at Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar
Zanzibar - Red Earth Bicycle Tour
Red Earth Village | Zanzibar | Shots and Tales
Zanzibar - Spice Farm Tour
Vanilla growing in the wild in the hands of a Zanzibari person | Tanzania | Shots and Tales
Zanzibar - Stone Town
Rooftops of Stone Town, Zanzibar City | St Joseph Cathedral | Shots and Tales
Tanzania - Kiboko Lodge
The team at Kiboko Lodge | Shots and Tales | Tanzania
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Tanzania - Watoto Foundation
Children at the Watoto Foundation | Arusha | Tanzania | Shots and Tales
Tanzania - Maasai Tribe Tour
Maasai Tribe Men in Colourful Robes Jumping with a stick in hand | Tanzania | Serengeti | Shots and Tales
Tanzania - Safari
A lion in the grass | Serengeti | Tanzania | Shots and Tales
Top Tips for Tanzania and Zanzibar
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15 Days Detailed Itinerary & Budget
Travel Itinerary Sample
Money Matters
Tanzania Currency Coins and Paper Money
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